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What the press say

Press -

What the press say

Food Writers

“Chefs like Aidan McGrath, whose profound knowledge of his produce and his craft means he is a rarity in Ireland: a professional who knows when to hold back and take things away as much as knowing what to add”

Ross Golden-Bannon

Irish Country Magazine

“That’s the kind of food we can expect from Aidan McGrath: a commitment to finding superlative produce and presenting it in a way that never messes with it’s core qualities, a complete absence of fuss and the cheffy vanities that less able and confident practitioners can’t resist”

Tom Doorley

The Mail

“Word of mouth has already established that Wild Honey Inn as the perfect place for pub food in Clare and yes, it is as good as you’ve heard. Fáilte Ireland should make food like this mandatory at regular intervals around the country to show what we can do when we do it right”

Catherine Cleary

The Irish Times

“A Clare Champion – as long as we have restaurants like Wild Honey Inn, run by the honoured Kate Sweeney and Aidan McGrath, we need not fear comparison with anyone – it is at least as good as any of its peers anywhere”

Jack Power

Irish Examiner